​​​Utility Permits
Joan Coenen
W1893 Coenen Rd
Kaukauna, WI 54130


Utility Permit Application - $150

Farm Permits
Implements of Husbandry and ​ Commercial Vehicles
State Info

All other permits issued by building inspector.

Business License & Permits
Cory Swedberg
W2030 County Rd JJ
Kaukauna, WI 54130

Liquor License Application
Operators License
Outdoor Permit Application

*All applications are due by May 1st as Liquor and Operator Licenses expire June 30th.
*Be sure to submit your beverage certification with operator's application.

Title Inquires / Special Assessment Letters 
By Mail Only - $25 fee
Tamara Mattioli
W2030 County Rd JJ
Kaukauna,WI 54130

Dog License
By Mail Only
Tamara Mattioli
W2030 County Rd JJ
Kaukauna,WI 54130

Spayed / Neutered - $7
Non-spayed / Non-neutered - $12 
The owner must present evidence that the dog is neutered or spayed.      i.e. documentation from the veterinary clinic

Town of Vandenbroek

Outagamie County, Wisconsin