Business License & Permits
Cory Swedberg
PO Box 947
Kaukauna, WI 54130

Liquor License Application
Operators License
Outdoor Permit Application

*All applications are due by May 1st as Liquor and Operator Licenses expire June 30th.
*Be sure to submit your beverage certification with operator's application.

Title Inquires / Special Assessment Letters 
By Mail Only - $25 fee
Tamara Mattioli
PO Box 947
Kaukauna,WI 54130

Dog License
By Mail Only
Tamara Mattioli
PO Box 947
Kaukauna,WI 54130

Spayed / Neutered - $7
Non-spayed / Non-neutered - $12 
The owner must present evidence that the dog is neutered or spayed.      i.e. documentation from the veterinary clinic

Utility Permits
Joan Coenen
W1893 Coenen Rd
Kaukauna, WI 54130


Utility Permit Application $300.00

Farm Permits
Implements of Husbandry and ​ Commercial Vehicles
State Info

All other permits issued bybuilding inspector.

Town of Vandenbroek

Outagamie County, Wisconsin