Town of Vandenbroek

Sadie Swedberg, Rental Coordinator
W2208 Reach St
Kaukauna, WI 54130
920-475-4320          ***When leaving a message, please leave the date you are looking for*** 

                                         *** Please allow 48 hours for a return call***

Please call or text between 9am - 7pm.

**Please read all the information below before contacting the hall coordinator**

Town of Vandenbroek Community Center and Pavilion Rental Contract
Town of Vandenbroek Application for Consumption of Alcohol Permit 


What are your rates?

      Rates are $75 for residents and $150 for non-residents

How much is the security deposit?

      Security deposit for all renters is $100

What is the hall capacity?

      Fire Capacity is 96 people

What furniture is supplied?

​      The Town supplies up to 12 - 8' tables and 96 chairs.

How do I know if I qualify resident rates?

       In order to qualify for resident rates, you must be a town resident, meaning your primary resident is in

      the Town of Vandenbroek. The security deposit check and payment must come from the resident. If the

      name on the contract and check are different, the town reserves the right to cancel the rental.

Can I cancel my reservation?
        Yes but if a rental is canceled 30 days or less from the date of your rental, your deposit is non-refundable

      and therefore forfeited.

What does the Town do with my security deposit check?

     If there are no damages, the Town will shred your deposit check. If you require your deposit check back,
     you are required to send a self-addressed stamped envelope with your security deposit. If one is not
     included, it will be shredded.

​Is the hall available on my date?

​       Please check the calendar below. Reservations are not guaranteed until your contract and funds are received. Once            they are received, the calendar will be updated. If they calendar does not have "Hall Rented" listed on your date, that          means it is available.

Can I get into the building to take a look at it?

      Currently there is not office hours. However, look at the calendar below and you may come 15 minutes prior to any

      scheduled meeting to look at the facility.

Do you rent the Hall and Pavilion at the same time?

​      No, due to parking constraints once one item is rented, we will no longer accept reservations for that day.

Hall & Pavilion Rentals

Due to the recent fire and ongoing Covid concerns, all Hall and Pavilion rentals are suspended until further notice.

Outagamie County, Wisconsin